Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review of Plate and Bottle in Rice Village

    This review is not for a restaurant, but for a wine shop rather.  Given that I would hope most of the people who read this blog enjoy good wine as much as good food, I cannot in good conscience let this little jewel slip away without mentioning it.  I am talking about  Plate and Bottle located in the Rice Village.  It is tucked away between Peas and Pod and Brian O'Neil's and is literally across the street from what has now become Torchy's Tacos.  Its location is one that appears to have been at one point and time a residential home.  That definitely adds to its charm.

    My wife and I first discovered Plate and Bottle soon after opening when we noticed that the prior business, a dance studio, had been replaced with something else.  We were intrigued by the name and decided to step in and see what the new place was all about.  Once inside we were warmly greeted by one of the proprietors.  She explained to us what Plate and Bottle was and what some of her goals were.  Since they had just opened up and were still trying to get settled in a lot of what was being planned was still not set into motion.  While talking to the proprietor, my wife and I explored the shop.   The proprietor explained that she was hoping to not only sell wine, but also have tastings, classes, and private wine pairings.  My wife and I actually ended up buying a bottle that evening.

      Plate and Bottle is a place that has a lot going for it.  It is quaint, intimate and the people who run it are knowledgeable.  While it is small, it still has a good variety of wines available. They truly spanned the spectrum from reds and whites and from all over the world.  The other nice thing about this shop is that you don't need to have a platinum credit card to buy here.  The price points are as varied as the wines.  Now, this place may not have same selection as say a warehouse liquor store, but it does have someone who probably knows each and every wine in that place and has probably tasted them all.

   Now you might be thinking, "That is all well and good, but I am not a big wine drinker."  Well, it just so happens that Plate and Bottle also caters to beer lovers as well.  They offer a nice selection of quality craft beers from around the world.  Chances are they might be able to help you find a nice beer to go with that fancy dinner you were planning.

    Plate and Bottle also has tastings (both beer and wine) very often.  Being on their mailing list, I am always getting emails inviting me to their next tasting.  It is a nice chance to try new things.  More often than not, some sort of gourmet food that pairs well with the wine or beer.  Several weeks ago there was a tasting for Belgium beer with some nice Belgium chocolates.  The great thing about the tastings that they are being served by people who know the wine.  If you have any questions, you have someone right in front of you that will know the answer.  The other great thing about them is they are very nonchalant.  You come in, try the wines, ask your questions and move on or linger about if you'd like.

    From visiting the website, Plate and Bottle has expanded its services to include home delivery, gift packages, event coordination, and has a partnership with Ruggles Cafe Bakery.  So, I would say to go check this place out.  Get in on the mailing list.  Visit the website.  Visit the ACTUAL LOCAL.  I would wager money you find something you like.

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