Thursday, November 26, 2015

A lot to be thankful for

Today is one of the great culinary holidays.  People spend time with friends and family and shove copious amounts of food down their collective gullets.  While that is all fine and good, it is also important to keep in mind what we are all thankful for.   This world that we live in is such a dichotomous place filled with both wonderfully beautiful and horrific things.  Every time I am ready to write off humanity as a lost cause I see something in the news or via social media that helps restore my faith in it.  So I just wanted to remind everyone that while you are enjoying your food and football remember what you are truly grateful of. 

I am personally grateful of my family, my friends (many whom I consider extended family), my health, my job and the fact that I can enjoy such things without too much worry.  I wish everyone could enjoy these things that most of us often take for granted. I will also say that we should try to be thankful of these things for longer than just the one day we are reminded to do so.  It is certainly difficult, but it is something that is worth doing. 

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