Monday, June 3, 2013

Food At Work: Shrimp ala Arrabbiata

   I had a crazy thought at work today.  I thought "Hey, I cook at work.  Why don't I document and share some of the stuff I make at work on my blog?"  So today I made shrimp ala arrabbiata over linguini with sauteed olives and peppers and a saffron cream sauce. 

   Arrabbiata sauce is an Italian sauce made from garlic, tomatoes and red chiles. Translated from Italian it literally means "angry".  This is due to the red chiles. I had 30 lbs of shrimp to work with to make my shrimp ala arrabbiata.

 Linguini worked well because nice long noodles provided a nice base for all the other ingredients to settle on.  Like a well put together building, you need to have a good foundation.

The sauteed peppers and olives were quite easily put together.  I just julienned red, green, and yellow bell peppers then sauteed them in oil with garlic, black olives, Italian seasoning and salt and pepper.

The saffron cream sauce was also fairly easy to prepare.  I set the cream to simmer while I steeped the saffron in hot water.  When the cream was nice and hot, I added the saffron (water and all) to it and seasoned it all with salt and pepper.  I used a little corn starch to give my sauce body.  Right before service I added some fresh herbs (parsley and rosemary) to the sauce.

Putting together the dish was just a matter of layering it all together starting with the pasta followed by the shrimp and then the vegetables and finished with the cream sauce.

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